Instagram is losing it (9/2/2022)

Instagram used to be a good platform for photographers to display their work.

But Instagram now focuses more on video and reels (short clips a la TikTok) and many serious photographers are moving away from it. Instagram is dead, is a phrase I have heard quite a few times lately.

A real issue is that many likes are generated by bots, and not people. In other words, they are fake. 

The same problem I had with a selling platform. They try to make you think that people are interested but all they do is fool you with system generated users and messages.

A platform called Vero is gaining a lot of attention lately and it is getting positive reviews. Some people on YouTube highly recommend it and that helps to evaluate the platform.

I decided to give a try, nothing to lose because it is free. I made an account, posted four pictures and in a few hours I had more likes than I got on a hundred posts Instagram in months.  

You can follow people, connect to them, and make friends. And it is also possible to restrict who can see your posts. 

Vero is a community for likeminded people who are seeking quality work and learn from others.

Luckily, it is not only accessible through a phone app. There is also a windows desktop app, still in beta, that seems to work very well. Uploading photos and managing your account is a breeze

So far I like it, we'll see what it holds in store for the future.