I can't stand country music anymore (5/1/2022)

We used to live a few miles away from a Dairy Queen and occasionally my wife and I would treat ourselves to something good. She would usually get a blizzard and I got a banana split. And if we were lucky the comfortable leather armchairs were available. 

The whole experience was overshadowed to some degree by the music coming from the ceiling speakers. It seems the manager was a fan of country music and had tuned in to a station specializing in contemporary country.

It was not very loud, but as far as I’m concerned country music is too loud at any volume. In other words: I can’t stand it.
And this is coming from someone who used to listen to it all the time, but that was decades ago. I even made a trip to Nashville and enjoyed performances of great artists in the Grand Ole Opry. I also have fond memories of concerts by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and others.

In my humble opinion the overall music quality has gone down considerably over the last twenty years or so. The market has been flooded with artists that bring absolutely no creativity and originality to the table. Many of them don’t have singing voices, the songs are dime-a-dozen, the lyrics are poor. If you heard one, you have heard them all. And the whining and moaning of some of these singers wants me to hit the Mute button as quickly as I can. In most cases the Off button is a better choice.

There are exceptions of course, but they are very rare. The other day I saw a post of someone offering concert tickets for an artist of which I had never heard. I found some clips on YouTube and while some commenters stated that it was great and powerful, I couldn’t even get halfway one song. The poor voice together with lyrics that seemed to have been written by a 5-year-old was just getting on my nerves. Sorry all 5-yeard old people, I didn’t mean to insult you.

For all of you who disagree: Do yourself a favor and broaden your horizon. Once you have listened to real singers and have had the pleasure to listen to a beautifully written piece of music you may agree with me someday.

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