Help us if you're in a hurry (5/6/2022)

It was a stormy day and broken tree limbs were all over the place when I drove home from work.

For a reason I don’t remember I took a different route and I soon wish that I hadn’t. A big tree branch has snapped off and was lying across the road at a 90-degree angle.

Some drivers quickly turn around and others just stopped at the obstacle. A gentleman in a BMW was just in front of me and when I got out of my car I could see him pounding the steering wheel with both hands

A few others got out of their vehicles as well and together we assessed the situation. It was big limb and heave for sure. But the six of us should be able to move it out of the way. It was worth a try, anyway. Better than waiting for official help which could be away for quite a while.

While we were positioning ourselves the impatient BMW driver honked the horn and pointed to his watch. The guy next to me said: “What does that idiot expect from us?” And someone else yelled at the driver: “If you are in that much of a hurry come and help us.”

The man didn’t move. Maybe he didn’t want to risk getting his suit dirty. Or maybe he had some physical issues. I was inclined to think that he was one of those people who thinks that others should do the work for him. A soon as we got the branch far enough the BMW moved through the opening we had created. The driver looked at us shaking his head. No sign of appreciation, no thank you of any kind.

A big guy in blue coveralls shook his head. “If I had known that guy was such jerk I would have sat down on the branch with my arms crossed and looked him straight in the face.” he said.

Everybody chuckled and a minute later we were all in our way.

About five miles down the road I saw a familiar looking grey BMW parked on the shoulder. The left rear tire was flat, and I got a warm feeling inside. Normally I would have stopped and offer my help but in this case I didn’t feel compelled to do so. Good luck to you sir, it seems that you got what you deserved.

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