Check it before you post it (5/10/2022)

I’m a stickler for correct spelling and grammar and I often shake my head when I see a big mistake that someone has made. Of course, I goof up myself sometimes, but I check my writing and correct the errors before it gets posted. And when in doubt about the correct spelling, I do my research and with all the tools available these days that is an easy thing to do.

Unfortunately, many people don’t seem to be able to spell basic word correctly and they don’t use the spellchecker either.

On a daily basis I see posts on social media, comments on articles on news sites that contain the most ridiculous errors. Words like: coutch, dinning table, aloud (allowed), rod (wrought) iron, really make me shake my head. Recently I saw a post of someone trying to rehome a dotson (dachshund).

Yes, it may look funny but it is really worrisome that so many people have poor knowledge of their language.
What really gets me that some of them are not even able to spell a brand name correctly. Frequently I see someone trying to sell a Cannon camera. 
A few weeks ago, someone was offering a John Deere riding lawnmower. The pictures she posted clearly showed the name brand. However, she still managed to offer it as a “jhon dere”

I fully understand that many people use a cell phone and fiddling with the small keyboard can be cumbersome and make it prone to making mistakes. But what I don’t understand is that they don’t check it for errors before they make it available online.

Especially when you are trying to sell something it is important to make a good impression on the prospective buyers. And training yourself to write correctly may help you in other areas as well.

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