Low ball offers (6/10/2023)

It is common to see people offering a lower amount than the asking price, especially on places like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist and of course, at garage sales as well.

I did it myself and in many cases the seller took the offer and I saved myself some money.

However, I believe that the offer should be reasonable. If the item is very cheap already I won’t try to haggle and just pay the asking price.

But not everybody sees it that way and frequently I see someone making a ridiculous low offer to the point where they blatantly insult the seller. 

Just now I read a post on Facebook where someone offered $2 for a $20 item.

Some years ago, we were at a sale where a lady was offering a like brand new loveseat for only $75. A guy was interested but kept moaning about the price. The owner asked him to make an offer, and he did. He was willing to pay $2.50. The lady told him to get off her property in a hurry. I would have said the same thing.

Just the other day I talked to a man I bought a drill from. He showed me a tool that was worth at least $40. And someone offered him $3 for it.

I received my share of low ball offers over the years. I still remember the man who wanted to buy a $10 item but only if I would throw in different item worth $20 for free. I told him to grow up and then I blocked him.

Some people have no shame and no common sense. I hope that someday they will get a taste of their own medicine when a person wants their item for next to nothing.

Early this year I conducted a garage sale and a woman was interested in different items. But no matter how low the price, it was still too much for her. Finally, she admitted that she didn’t have money to spend. I wonder why you would go to a sale if you can’t afford to buy something.

Here’s my take on it. If you see something you like but you are unable or unwilling to pay a reasonable amount for it stay away and don’t waste the seller’s time.

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