It happened again. (9/7/2023)

It happened last night, of course it did. Around 1 AM I woke up from a dream that played with my mind afterwards.
As long as I can remember this has happened, every single night.

Maybe it wouldn’t bother much so much if those dreams were pleasant, but they never are. I cannot recall a single time when I woke up and felt disappointed that the dream had come to an end already.

Sometimes they are scary, and usually weird. And they always show scenes from the past, usually from 20 to 30 years ago.
Last week my dad (who died in 1995) and I were making our way through a forest. Suddenly we came to a swamp that we could not cross of course. Before we could decide what to do next, a huge alligator appeared and approached us.

We ran away as fast as we could but the animal still gained on us. Then I realized that the only option was to fight it. I turned around and hit it repeatedly on the nose with a plastic fly swatter that I happened to carry with me.

It slowed him down for a little while and I kept swatting as fast as I could while dad watched from a distance.
A goat showed up out of nowhere and the alligator went after it, probably deciding it was easier to get. Suddenly and without warning we were safe again.

The dream was clear and even after a week I still remember it in detail.

I have had dreams that were so realistic that afterwards I couldn’t tell if it actually was a fictional dream or something that had happened in real life.

Lately it hasn’t occurred but there  have been times when I had the same dream multiple times. And the weirdest thing was that while still dreaming I realized I had gone through that one before.

Tonight, it will happen again, I’m sure of it. Maybe even more than once.

I know dreams can be interpreted but I have never tried to find out what they mean. Maybe I’m better off not knowing anyway.

One comment

  • I interpret dreams. The good news is they're usually only a carnival-mirror version of what's happening and what you worry about when you're awake. Your subconscious distorts them, but it's extremely rare for them to be a signal of anything coming to get you.

    If you ever do want an interpretation, please let me know. I'll be happy to give it a shot.